Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Short Story

Written on Oct. 14, 2010:


I did it! I wrote my very first gay erotica. It's very, very explicit and I'm not sure where I should go to find beta readers. I'm going over to Writer's Digest, and maybe create a new group, since there's no group for gay writers/content. There is one about romance/erotica, but I haven't seen anyone post M/M fiction there. 

My erotica is about a young man who works on a farm over the summer. This is his second summer there. He's nervous about meeting the very big and muscular Mark up in the barn loft. You know, the dark haired, blue eyed, tanned cowboy who kept giving him these lustful looks last summer. 

I might post an excerpt here once I have the short story beta-read.

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