Monday, June 10, 2013

New! In His Pocket Revised + A New Crazy Hot Cover

This only took me two days! One day to revise (the text is a lot cleaner now, the story flows better, and the story is more romantic *dreamy sigh*), and one day to format and upload. I made the cover myself after having upgraded from PowerPoint to Gimp.

Free at ARe, Goodreads, and Amazon (soon)

Enjoy :) 


Patrick was twenty-one years old when he found fourteen year old Matt digging through his trash. Little did he know that he was about become the boy’s caretaker. Being a caretaker, however, was no easy task, especially since the kid managed to leave Patrick dumbfounded more than not as the years passed.

Now, at eighteen, Matt presents Patrick with a problem on a whole new level – a problem Patrick may not be able to solve. Matt wants him as a lover. 

(Yes, it's a "pseudo-incest", but there's only a 7 year age difference and it's the younger one pursuing the older, reluctant one).

It's up on Amazon, but could you help me make it free?

Go to this link:
Scroll down to the bottom of: Product Details
Click: tell us about a lower price
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Thank you :)

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