Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Squeal with me!

Squeal with me, people! 

I just signed the contract for Welcome, Brother and submitted Cold Hands. No Boundaries Press will publish them in 2013 (if it accepts Cold Hands). I worked on polishing the blurbs last night:

Welcome, Brother (College Fun and Gays #5):

When arts student Kyler Morris applies for a membership to the Nova Britannia Brotherhood, he's immediately star struck by their intimidating leader, Hunter Kingsley. Fellow arts student Hunter, however, isn't the bad-ass he's made out to be and takes Kyler under his wing.

While Kyler struggles to keep his crush under control and his sexuality hidden from the Brothers, Hunter battles daemons of his own in the form of two Brothers who aren't playing by the rules.

Cold Hands (College Fun and Gays #6 - bonus story):

“Hot-Hands” and Casper have been dating for a month, but their relationship is as prosperous as carbonated milk. It doesn't help that Hot-Hands is racked with guilt over his high school bullying of Casper, or that Casper darts away whenever his boyfriend gets a little too frisky.

Desperate to hang onto his boyfriend, Hot-Hands tries to earn the trust he shattered years ago, so they can face their disastrous past and have a chance at a happy future.

This is the sequel to Hot Hands and contains big spoilers if it’s read first.

The manuscripts are ready for the editors, so all I have to do is wait. Well, no, not wait. I have to get Black Hurricane finished ASAP if I want it out before GRL 2013 ^.^ And then there's Midnight Muffins...


  1. Congrats, Erica! That's great news.

    1. Thank you :) It's nice to have something in the pipes.

  2. YAY! Erica!!! I'm thrilled for you! *Hugs*