Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Giveaway: Black Hurricane by Erica Pike

Hi guys and happy holidays to those who celebrate it :) I know it's early, but this is my official Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's post. I'm not going to spend many words on it, as writing doesn't come easy for me these days. I'm hoping it'll pick up early next year. November and December are always a bit of a wash for me, and so is October because of GRL. I did manage to complete a manuscript this summer and it will be out sometime next year. It's a YA apocalyptic with gay characters. Beside that, I'm working on a couple of other things I'm hoping will be released next year as well, so I might as well make that my New Year's resolution ;)

Anyway, my lovely friend K-Lee Klein is doing a 31 Days of Gratitude and Giving blog theme throughout the month of December. That means one giveaway a day! There's still time to take part in the giveaways that have already begun. Today is my turn and I'm giving away a copy of Black Hurricane to one commenter (on K-Lee's blog). 

Hope you all have a great December and a wonderful new year! 

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