WIP / Coming Soon!

2015 Upcoming Releases:


2016 WIP:

Apocalyptic YA (March-May WIP)
Seekrit project with Cherie Noel (June-August)
Rewrites of A Life Without You for 2017
Rewrites of Absolutely Eric for 2017

Future WIPs:

The Giant on My Beanstalk (Icelandic Paranormalcy)

The Elf in my Crack (Icelandic Paranormalcy)

The Ghost in My Bed (Icelandic Paranormalcy)

The Zombie in My Yard (Icelandic Paranormalcy)

The Vampire in My Head (Icelandic Paranormalcy)

Apocalyptic YA

Mom, I'm Gay (Boston Boys #1.5)

And Then He Turned

The Vampire Viking

Boston Boys #4: Terry and Calvin

Boston Boys #5: Rick and Benji

Boston Boys Christmas #1: Adam and Jesse (Picture Perfect) 

Boston Boys Christmas #2: Eric and Alex

Boston Boys Halloween: Eric and Alex

...and more!


  1. When is Calvin and Terry coming. Can't wait for these two boys.

    1. Hi Beej,

      Unfortunately, they won't be coming for a while. I'm sorry about that, but I've put the Boston Boys series on hold for now. I can't reveal the reason, but their story will be published one day. That much I can promise.

  2. Whilst it makes me sad at least I know that I will get them eventually 😃

  3. Where can I buy this series? And will there be more soon ?

  4. Erica where are you? we miss your writings...

  5. Just rereading the Boston Boys and wishing I had the rest. Hope your doing well wherever you are.

  6. Oh, I hope you are okay! It has been a long time since we heard from you. Sending warm thoughts.