Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Novel Manuscript Completed!

Written on May 4 2011

I just finished my first full-length manuscript in the gay genre. I have written other manuscripts in other genres, so it's not a complete first novel. But there's nothing like the feel of accomplishment when you close the newly completed manuscript.

This one is about a romance between two roommates (Adam and Jesse) in a college dormitory. Basically one of them is gay and the other straight and has a girlfriend, but there's this passionate tension between the two guys. The big question is if Jesse can come to terms with flushing his future plans down the drain to be with Adam or not.

The genre is gay (duh) erotica, but there's a whole lot of romance, humor, and a bit of drama (isn't there in every gay novel?)

I have started on an independent sequel starring Eric, the minor character from Adam and Jesse's book. Adam and Jesse will also make appearances, but I decided to write a book about Eric instead of a sequel around the other two, because Eric became such a strong and interesting character that he demanded a book of his own. I absolutely love that guy.

I had a lot of fun writing Adam and Jesse's story, but I think I'll have even more fun with this one.

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