Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gay Lit Galore


Oh my goodness, will you check out my banner above with all the pretty books I've read this year! Wow, I never read that many YA books last year when I was writing YA. I guess I really got sucked into this category. I still have 22 more to-read on my Kindle and 18 marked extra to-read on Goodreads. 

I'm still stuck in contemporary, although I almost only read YA paranormal the past few years. I've finished all of Ethan Day's books, I'm working on the rocker Conquest series, discovered a hilarious William Maltese and his Diary of a Hustler, and then there's this short story, One of Those Days, (currently free on his website - definitely one to read) that really surprised me and makes me want to buy everything by Zathyn Priest.

I did read one short werewolf story, One Wild Wish by Devon Rhodes, so I'm kind of excited to start exploring that genre. I mean, what's more masculine than two buffed wolves thrashing around, rrraawwwrrrr. 

I can't wait to read more.