Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Cover!

My First Cover!

People! We have an official cover! No Boundaries Press is working super fast (honestly, they answer my emails within minutes if it's during waking-hours in America). It was designed by lovely Dakota Trace, and she nailed it on first try. 

This is the first of five short stories in the College Fun and Gays series. They are all independent of each other, but all take place in a college and/or dorm. The other covers will have that college building, but a different photo above it and a different color (I think). 

So far, NBP have been amazing to work with. We haven't begun on the edits, but those girls are so sweet and energetic, and ready to answer every question I have. I also get a whole lot of say in the cover art (we're working on the next two as I'm writing this). 

So yeah, Hot Hands will be out in January 2012 and will possibly be my debut - if A Life Without You won't be released by then (I still don't have a date on that one). 

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