Friday, November 11, 2011

Signed with No Boundaries Press

I know, I know, I promised segments, but I still haven't written a single one! I'm so sorry. It's just that things have been super busy lately.

The latest news is that I've signed three contracts with No Boundaries Press for my series of short stories: College Fun and Gays. These three stories are Hot Hands, A Grade-A-Sex Deal, and The Walls Have Ears. I'm writing the fourth, but all in all they will be five. Hot Hands will be released in January 2012, A Grade-A-Sex Deal in February, etc. When all have been released, they will be gathered into an anthology.

Each story is independent of the other, 10-15k long, and they really have nothing in common other than taking place in a college/dorm. There's a deep theme in each, like bullying, rejection after coming out, deep insecurities, and struggling with coming to terms with one's sexuality (haven't decided what the fifth will be). But each also centers around love and of course there's hot sex in every single one.

No Boundaries Press is a new publishing company. In fact, it's so new that they're only releasing their first batch of books in January 2012. I'm super excited to be working with them, because these girls are fantastic and very, very organized. They pay 60% royalty on ebooks - which is beyond generous - and chase away all of heir books from pirate sites (how cool is that??). They also hold workshops on copyright and piracy, promotions, and branding (and more to come in the future), hold giveaways and competitions. They have a book review blog that reviews books from all over the place. Aaand they have their own Promotions Director, who actively helps No Boundaries Press promote their authors.

Cool? I'd say so ^.^


  1. Wow! That sounds amazing. Congrats. I'll have to check them out. :)


  2. Yeah, they're definitely worth checking out ^.^