Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Absoluely Eric: Rainbow Awards

Well I was thrilled yesterday morning when I discovered that Absolutely Eric had won an honorable mention at the Rainbow Awards. I didn't really believe it would win any categories, which it didn't, because there were soooo many great books in that competition. Over 480 books were submitted and 30 of those got an honorable mention for "One Perfect Score". It's basically one or more judge's favorites. This is what the judge, who gave Absolutely Eric a perfect score, said:

Love love love this one!! Eric was sassy and adorable, Alex was charming and they way they got together was smoking hot! I've already re-read this one and no doubt will again!! –Anna

Now, excuse me while I shower this entry in Eric and pretty rainbows ^.^ He sure would have loved this if he was real.


  1. Congratulations! That is brilliant!

    1. Thanks Jamie ^.^ It certainly gave me a nice kick in the bum to get the next one done.