Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Black Hurricane: 4.5 Hearts from Hears On Fire

Yet again, Hearts on Fire Reviews was the first to review a new release of mine. They gave it 4.5 hearts and I absolutely loved reading the review!


"... This turns out to be none other than the lead singer of Black Hurricane, Dean McQueen.  In a meeting he is sad puppy-eyed into attending by Eric for Glitter Guy magazine, Jazz comes face to face with his nemesis from the past.  A nemesis who doesn’t even recognize him. He puts the moves on Jazz, not realizing he already knows the man. ..."

"As the book continues you begin to feel for Dean as well.  Yes, he was an ass to Jazz when they were younger but he had issues going as well. When they actually talk about the sex when they were younger it was a little heart breaking to see the difference of perspective.   Dean is showering Jazz with gifts that have relevance to their past and being respectful of him while they are rehearsing. ..."

Thank you, Lucy, at Hearts on Fire Reviews ^.^ To read the whole review, please visit their site.

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