Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Appearances With Ellie Potts and S.H. Roddey

A couple of fellow authors hosted me on their blogs in the past week and I wanted to give them a shout-out for it. Ellie Potts writes (non-m/m) sci-fi/fantasy and paranormal books and has a LOT of irons in the fire. Horror writer S.H. Roddey (non-m/m) also gave me a blog appearance in her interesting series of guest blogs titled "Where Are They Now?" - that is, what the former NBP writers are up to. The links I've included are direct to my blog entries on their sites.

As for NBP, although I've spent the whole summer learning how to format and self-publish (time I was going to write the next Boston Boys novel!), it gave me a valuable experience and I'm thankful for that. I doubt I'd have had the courage to create Ice Cave Publishing if I hadn't learned what I did from NBP and the fellow authors (and editors) there. That's why I'm breaking tradition and hosting these two lovely ladies on my blog today. Girls, you are officially the first non-m/m authors to receive a shout-out on my blog! Do check out their stories:

Journey with authors Selah Janel and S.H. Roddey to a world where every idea is a possibility and every genre an invitation. In this collection of forty-seven short stories, lines blur and worlds collide in strange and wonderful new ways. Get lost with the authors as they wander among fantasy, horror, science fiction, and other speculative musings.
Shadows can’t hurt you, and sometimes it’s all right to venture off the path.
Available on Amazon.

Welcome to the Opposite Side where monsters really do roam the night, but The Supervisors make sure that the monsters don’t get noticed by the normal humans. Meet Leslie, a Supervisor and a blood witch, one of four in California. Blood witches are said to have powers that rival gods, that’s why they were almost hunted to extinction. Leslie came into her power late, and fell in with the wrong crowd before she became a Supervisor. Nathan is king of the local werebear clan, and he has plans for the future of his pack, the other local shapeshifters, but also has his eyes set on Leslie. She is not your ordinary Blood Witch, and together they can stir up power that the world has never seen. But nothing is as it seems in the Opposite Side, and Leslie’s already different world is going to be shaken as a new case starts a chain of events that can lead to a feud war.
Available on Amazon.

In the future the earth is in a civil war against the rich and the poor. People have escaped off to the Moon or the new colonies on Mars to get away from the fighting. On a cargo ship, Marigold, Matt Reyes and his second Corey have put together a group of misfits who are trying to stay neutral. They come across knowledge that soon will throw them back into the war whether they like it or not. They have to survive cannibal pirates, a bomb-happy bounty hunter and a Galactic Order official who knows a crew mate's darkest secret.
Available on Amazon.

Watch as demons are born, monsters come alive, take a walk with a crying stranger, sit down to play chess with a strange old man, see what happens when Lucifer has an eye on you, or watch what happens when you win in a future lottery. Meet monsters, killers, mutants and demons in Flight of Delusion, a collection of short stories that range from odd to scary and all that in-between.
Available on Amazon.


  1. Thanks Erica! Hey just to let you know my newest series coming out soon is mmf and the sequel will mm in it. I'm branching out! :D

    1. Ooooh! Let me know when it comes out, okay? ^.^