Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Facts with Rhiannon Wellman

I'd like to welcome Rhiannon Wellman to my blog to share ten interesting facts about herself. 

1) In real life I have five names. Rhiannon Wellman is made up of a combination of the three.

Interesting. Now I'm curious!

2) When I was growing up I was bullied very badly. I spent all my lunches in the library reading. I loved to read and loose myself in books.

*Sigh* I was bullied, too...but we didn't have a school library. Small town.

3) I'm severely dyslexic. I have literacy numeracy and concentration dyslexia.

4) One of my earliest memories is hiding behind my grandparent's sofa with a tape recorder making up stories. I think the ending went along the lines of a princess saving the handsome prince and flying off to live happily ever after.

Hehe, the princess saving the prince is definitely the making of an author ;)

5) When I was 13 I was diagnosed with a rare condition called neurofibromatosis. They found a lump next to my spine and removed it, thankfully. but when they did it was the size of a football and they said if they left it a day or so longer it would have snapped my spine.


6) When I was in labor with my son I didn't swear once but I did ask if you could eat pink spiders.

You sure you weren't high? ^.^ I once had surgery where I was given heroin (the only time I've taken such a drug) and I saw blue poodles. I even tried to pat them.

7) I've watched "The Princess Bride" so often I could probably quote it all back to you. Same goes for reading "Pride and Prejudice."

Mmm, yes, we all seem to have one of these. Mine is Interview With a Vampire ^.^

8) I can't just write one story at a time, I always have at least 3 or four on the go at any one time. My brain just won't work that way.

I wish I was like that...

9) I never know what's going to happen in a story when I start it; it's just as much of a surprise to me as it is to everyone else when they read it. I think it's going to turn out one way and it turns out completely different.

10) Perhaps my very biggest deepest darkest secrete ever is that I still blush when I write sex scenes.

That is so cute ^.^

Rhiannon has a story in the Ad-Dick-tion Volume 3 anthology called Animal Magnetism:

When Simon took his beloved dog for a walk he had no idea what it would lead to. With wild animals, sexy land owners, and a psychotic ex-boyfriend, he's in for a wild ride. But boy will it be worth it.

Harvey has spent years locked away from everything, the fences around his land just as high as the ones around his heart. Simon is like a light in the dark. Will he be just what Harvey didn't know he needed?

Both men need to learn to love again, but will their animals' budding friendship be the catalyst for everything that follows?

Ad-Dick-tion can be bought on Amazon, All Romance eBooks and other places :)

Rihannon can be found on her blogFacebook page and Goodreads.

But wait, there's more! Rhiannon's also written tons of fan fiction, so you Harry Potter, Glee and CSI fanfic fans out there (and people curious about fanfics) should definitely check that out.

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