Sunday, September 1, 2013

Updates: Reviews, Interviews, Appearances and Giveaway

What a busy week! I should have posted some of these sooner, but I've been a very busy girl. I've got two reviews to share, two interviews, a blog appearance, and a giveaway!


Black Hurricane received 4 stars from 3 Chicks After Dark (or: "RATING: BAD ASS KNEE HIGH BOOTS WITH SILVER BUCKLES"). The review is my favorite so far as the reviewer also talks about the other books and seems to understand my boys very well. Here's a snippet:

"I have to say I was fractured! Crushed! I had to pull out the tissues! My heart bled for both Jazz and Dean. Erica Pike portrayed all the emotions so strongly it left me feeling hollowed out and shattered. Yeah, she’s that good!

It’s not an Erica Pike book unless we experience the full gamut of emotions so after all the angst, happiness, and heartbreak we do feel so much love at the end and that makes the whole ride worth every word, every minute spent in Jazz and Dean’s world."

Thank you, Kristy at 3 Chicks After Dark - Email me next time and I'll send you a review copy ^.^


The Walls Have Ears also received a nice review from The Romance Reviews, 4 stars. Here's a snippet:

"Then there was the third character. The Wall. The scenes with that wall in between were insanely hot and it was all the more erotic as these boys were caught mid-action. I thought it wasn't going to get much better than that but, oh, was I wrong."

Thank you, Breann at The Romance Reviews ^.^

Interviews/Blog Appearances:

First I had a blog appearance on Ellie Potts' blog to showcase Black Hurricane (hey, that cover needs to be seen!). Then I did an interview with RJ Scott, showcasing the College Fun and Gays covers, talking about global warming and favorite position in my books I've always wanted to try. 

Lastly, I was interviewed by the amazing Lucy at Hearts on Fire Reviews. This is my favorite interview by far as it was tailored to me and my books, so if you want more info on the Boston Boys and a little peek into what's up ahead, this is the interview to read.


Along with my Hearts on Fire Reviews interview, I'm doing a giveaway. If you comment on the blog entry (on their site), you might win a copy of Black Hurricane :) This giveaway ends on September 9th.

That it, for now ^.^


  1. Erica, thanks so much for featuring our review of Black Hurricane on your blog! It was an honor to review it and I hope I gave Black Hurricane the amount of justice it deserves! Anytime you want me to review something, I will in a heartbeat!

    3 Chicks After Dark

    1. Thank you, Kristy :) I was over the moon while reading it ^.^