Friday, August 21, 2015

GRL 2015 Pre-Orders

It's that time of year again: GRL!! That's GayRomLit Retreat, for those who don't know. It'll be held in San Diego this year and my cousin Thora and I are going. I can't wait to feel some actual sun on my skin. The weather in Iceland has been horrible this year. And I've been inside most summer...which is entirely my fault, but I've been writing (you heard me!). 

Zathyn, Sam, Katie, Thora and I are doing a theme for the costume party. I already have my costume ordered ^.^ I'm going to bring the same SWAG from last year: postcards, bookmarks, short story paperbacks, and Icelandic candy. What's different this year is that I'll have a publisher table along with 19 other authors. I'll have my MLR books and my Ice Cave book there. We're calling it an indie pub table, even though it's also for books from publishers who aren't selling at the retreat. I haven't worked out the price for each book yet.

For those who are interested in buying paperbacks at a reduced price can order from this pre-order sheet. It's only for those who will be at GRL since I'm literally hand-delivering the books at the retreat. I've added short descriptions beside each title, but you can go to these pages to read more: Boston Boys and College Fun and Gays

Because I'm going as a featured author, I did a guest post for Elisa Rolle a while back. I've been so busy trying to finish my next novel that I didn't have much time online, but I'm linking it now. I'll have three other guest posts on other sites leading up to GRL.

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