Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday LOL Cats: Cat Speak

I've been a bit serious in my posts lately with the whole PayPal censorship issue, so I figured I owed people something a little lighter on a Friday. One of the things I like doing late at night is to scroll through "lol cat" pictures. They sometimes make me laugh so hard I cry. What are lol cat pictures? They're pictures of cats in various poses that have text written on it - usually words the cat would be thinking/saying. 

A lot of people hate what I've come to call "cat speak", which is basically a mix of net speak, cuteness, and how the English language sounds ("moar" instead of "more"). Sometimes it's without the net speak, and very often it has a wrong ending to the words ("eated" instead of "ate"). Your average lol cat would flunk the simplest English test. 

Not every lol cat picture uses cat speak. This one, for example, is a classic "statement":

Image credit
Sometimes non-cat speak picture just aren't as funny. This picture, for example, could have a funnier text if written in cat speak:

Image credit
Erm, yeah.

But sometimes normal language on a lol cat picture can be funny too:

Image credit
Am I done? Not by a long shot! I intend to talk more about lol cats every Friday for a while now, so be ready for the funnieez ^.^ Ahem, aside from that one, I promise not to revert to cat speak myself. But this is a writing blog. What do lol cats have to do with writing? Absolutely nothing other than to get your mind out of the story for a while ;)

Header image credit - this picture, by the way, was the first lol cat picture I ever saw.


  1. I don't mind lol cats. I'm easily amused. :) Plus, I might be a little bit biased since I actually have several cats. I should have taken more pictures of them over the years. There have been plenty of lol cat moments. :D

    1. I'm allergic to cats and I'm more of a dog person, but honestly, lol cats are so much funnier than lol dog.

    2. I also have two dogs. They both do some pretty funny stuff at times. Especially the four month old Husky. He makes sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars. lol :D Our older German Shepherd doesn't know what to think about him. At least they both get along with the cats. :)

  2. "He makes sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars."

    Haha! That's funny. I just have a hamster. She pulls the same, clueless face very time I snap a picture, hehe.

    Dogs are definitely funnier in real life - I had a dog growing up and always have a soft spot for them. But somehow, to me, people seem to make funnier lol cat pictures than lol dog pictures (there are lots of funny lol dog pictures too though).

  3. I think we all need a little break from the serious and just have a little fun.