Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reader Appreciation & Other Updates

Hi guys :)

I've been checking out my books and shorts at Amazon, B&N, etc. and saw that some of you have left reviews there. I want to thank you for that. So much! I am humbled and deeply touched that you've gone out of your ways to leave ratings/reviews. The review site reviews are important, but general reader reviews are just as important.

Absolutely Eric is finally available on All Romance eBooks and Bookstrand. It's also available in print at Amazon and B&N. I try to update the Boston Boys Series page whenever I get a new update, but I'm considering making a new blog for this series alone. Hey, I need a place to discuss the characters and post tidbits ^.^ Sometimes I forget an eye color or what type of a car Cal-Al owns...

Another update would be my writing. I sorta kinda got distracted from Jazz by writing the first bit of Cold Heart (Hot Hands #2). The fifth in the College Fun and Gays series was supposed to be Welcome Brother...but I'm putting that one on hold since I'm not happy with it. I'm excited about Cold Heart and figure why make people wait a year when they could have it in a few months? It's from Hot Hand's perspective and takes place not long after the end of Hot Hands.

Okay, back to writing...

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  1. Congrats on the reviews and that you are working on new stories. You know I can't wait for them right...

  2. OMG Hot Hands 2 - I can't wait :)
    It's hot in Poland too - Euro 2012 Ireland vs Spain (playing now) :)

    1. I assume you're talking about football and that's something I don't have a clue about, hehe. I'll have to start learning the rules because my boys just started practicing. They're turning five soon, but I can already tell they love the sport ^.^