Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun Facts About Erica Pike at Lisabet Sarai's Blog

Hi guys :)

I was going to wait with this post until Grade-A-Sex Deal was free for a day. It was supposed to be today, but there seems to be some delay (...I'm rhyming). I'll be sure to announce it everywhere once it's free. I'll also leave a comment for every single person who's added it to their Goodreads to-read list. Just be forewarned that this is NOT a fluffy romance. It's not pure erotica either, although there are explicit scenes in it. It's a rather dark story since the cynical main character is going through depression - but he's still in love with his student.

But! I'm being featured at Lisabet Sarai's blog today. There I've revealed 10 facts about my writing/books. Lisabet is currently blog-touring her upcoming release, Quarantine, and is adding everyone who comments on her site and every blog stop into a pool for a $50 book gift certificate. She's also drawing a winner for each and every stop for a copy of Quarantine. Go over there to get your name into that $50 pool and then sit tight for July 10th, when she's coming over here to give 10 facts about herself and a book to win :) explain better, every comment you make on her stops and on her blog will add your name in that pool. She explains it better on her site (click the link above).

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  1. wow i like the book you have there and then i add all them to my book list if you want me to i love to read all