Monday, July 16, 2012

The M/M Sprint Club for M/M Writers

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I created an M/M Sprint Club on Facebook. M/M Romance writers are welcome to join the club.

What is sprinting? 
Sprinting is writing in bursts of x time with x long breaks in between. For example, writing for 45 minutes with 15 minute breaks. Time length should be decided beforehand and also how many bursts of sprints you're going to do (like 3 bursts of 45 minutes).

When the sprint time is up (45 minutes), you report back to the group with how many words you wrote. Then you take a break for x time (15 minutes) and start another burst.

Types of sprints:
You can do private sprints or group sprints. The group sprints are great if you're having trouble writing - but they're also just fun. If there's already a sprint running, other members should be allowed to join in (it's just reporting and supporting during the breaks after all).

We won't have planned sprints - at least not for now. Maybe once membership grows. Members are welcome to post "I'm going to sprint, anyone with me?" and see if there are any takers (if not, they can go on a private sprint and still report in). Members can make their own fixed sprint days or hours. Saturday Sprints, anyone? Wednesday Writing Sprints? Friday Fun Sprints?

What do we write during these sprints? 
Whatever you're working on. You don't have to share any kind of info on what you're writing, just the word count you managed in the elapsed time.

So sign up, sprint on and have fun!


  1. Looking for Kharisma's Birthday Bash post. July 17 to July 20.
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    1. Hi :) Thanks for replying. I wasn't sure if that was still going to happen since I got no news and Kharisma didn't do a giveaway post, so I didn't make a post. I know Kharisma's been busy moving houses lately. Anyway, if that giveaway is still happening, then at least you've got an entry for the Kindle.