Monday, April 15, 2013

A Life Without You by Erica Pike Up for Grabs

First off, my heart goes out to the people of Boston, the marathon attendees and their families. I'm just devastated. At least I'll always remember the date since today is my birthday. There are several other chilling coincidences: I shipped off my (finally) finished manuscript of Boston Boys 3 to my publisher today, and my cousin's husband (a man I've known almost my whole life) was running that marathon but had already reached the finish line before the bombs went off. I'm so, so glad he's okay, but not everyone was as fortunate. I hope they catch whoever did this and put him/her/them away for life!

That said, and this has nothing to do with my birthday - it's just another coincidence - A Life Without You is up for grabs to one commenter on Elisa's Reviews. This is part of her GayRomLit giveaway and there are two drawings every week (my day is today). So if you want to try to win a copy, please leave a comment on her blog :)

Here's the blurb for A Life Without You:

Jesse's like a bar of soap: the tighter Adam holds on, the faster Jesse slips away. Or that's how it feels to Adam. It doesn't help that Jesse has a girlfriend back home and claims to be straight, but there's no way with all the sparks and physical intimacy flying between the two roommates.

When Adam believes he has reached his ultimate happiness, the bedroom walls come crashing down with a visit from Jesse's girlfriend.

Now Jesse has to decide if he can come to terms with his sexuality, while Adam has to learn to accept that Jesse might never be able to crawl out of the closet.