Saturday, April 27, 2013

Welcome, Brother: Want it?

I'm joining two announcements under one post.

Welcome, Brother
receive its first blog review from Hearts on Fire Reviews - a site that has reviewed all of the College Fun and Gays books - and it received a smashing 4.25 hearts!

Here's an excerpt of their review:

"The book may have a lighter feel at times, due to Kyler, but it also deals with some very heavy issues and some terrible happenings.  Aaron?  I wanted to cry.  Liu?  I wanted to cry more.  

The story may have bittersweet aspects but it isn’t a sad one.  Yes, there’s homophobia and violence on the parts of some, but there’s also hope and love, both romantic and friend types.  Much more important, yes."

I'd also like to say that I met one of their reviewers at GayRomLit last year. I'd spoken to her in emails and talked about how it feels weird to me to say that I have "fans" (because I'm just me), so I always say "people who like to read my books" instead. 
Well, this reviewer presented me with homemade pin that says: People Who Like to Read Erica Pike Girl in the cutest pink letters. I don't think she knows just how much that flattered me. I think I was too stunned to say anything but "Wow, thank you". I hope I get to meet her in Atlanta this year (seek me out if you'll be there, please!).

Okay, second piece of info: Emily had a birthday this month (congrats!) and it just happened to be my birthday month as well. To celebrate, I'm giving away a copy of Welcome, Brother on her blog. Just stop by and leave a comment and your email address (on her site, not here, though you're always welcome to comment here ^.^)

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