Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Out of My Hands

I just sent the galley comments back to MLR, so Absolutely Eric is officially out of my hands. Yay! And *gulp*. New releases are equally exciting and scary. Well, more like 60% exciting and 40% scary. Now I just have to wait for 16 days until Eric takes over the world with his wicket dance moves ;)

So, what's next?

I need to polish my Welcome Brother (College Fun and Gays #5) before I send it to NB Press and then I'm off to write about Jazz!


  1. Huge congrats on sending it out...I'm so happy for you...

  2. Savannah & I have brought along some HOT ManCandy to do a Congrats Cheer for You, just picture 4 Well-Muslcled Ripped Shirtless Men....
    Hmmmm Ok we'll give them Cowboy Hats & Cowboy Boots LOL
    .....E-R-I-C-A Way To Go
    Mmmmmm what a HOT Visual LOL
    Congrats & Sending Cyber Hugs Your Way,
    Renee' :)

    1. OMG cowboy hats and boots! *Swoons* Oh yeah, that was a hot visual, lol.