Friday, April 20, 2012

Why M/M Contemporary?

I'm guest blogging on No Boundaries Press today: Why M/M Contemporary?


  1. Going over now to show ya some luv.

  2. You spoke your piece, and mine for that matter, quite well! People have asked me why before, and I always stumble over the answer. Can "I really really really like it!" be an answer? :D
    You did better than I would have and you handled the complainant with much more dignity and restraint than me as well!

    1. Thank you, B :) Wasn't sure if I should reply, but then I really was sorry she/he was offended. It wasn't meant to come out that way. My humor sometimes gets misinterpreted, can't really fault people for that :)

  3. Hello Erica....& Hello to you too Savannah, nice to see you here at Erica's Place :)

    Erica I just read your GREAT Post on No Boundaries Press.....but that ONE Commenter just BURNED MY A** that it got My Italian Back Up & I HAD to Respond! Now I don't know if NBP is going to publish my comment, so I'll cut-n-paste what I posted over there. I just couldn't let that person make those ridiculous comments without putting MY 2 cents in.....

    Hello Erica & Savannah, it is soooo Lovely to see you both here!!! :) You are both such Sweeties, Great BIG Cyber Hugs for You Both. :)

    Ok, now with that said, could You Ladies, Pleassssseeee pass me MY Soapbox, because I’M going to need it!!!! Well I’m only 4’11″, so I’ll need it anyway. :) LOL

    I’m Absolutely APPALLED by the Complete IGNORANCE in the Post I read above! Ignorance brings about Anger & Hate, which is the only thing you accomplished in your comment.
    I have N-E-V-E-R before read a post written by someone so uninformed, uneducated & narrow-minded about the topic they are commenting about, that their Pure IGNORANCE Clearly Shined through!!! You have the audacity to comment on “Respect” when you have NO concept of what that word means! I’m truly Shocked & Stunned at how you interpreted Erika Pike’s Guest Author Post for No Boundaries Press!

    Erika, you have NO reason to apologize for ANYTHING because you didn’t say ANYTHING Offensive or Disrespectful!!!!! In ALL of Your Books, Your Blog, Newsletters, Goodreads, Guest Posts, etc….You have Never wrote anything “sexist”, “nosy”, “intrusive”, treated ANY gender “without respect or equality”!!!!!!! In fact, just the COMPLETE opposite is true!

    This statement was REALLY out-there; “Miss Pike is interested in gay relationships and wants to sneak into bedrooms? Good luck with that.” Excuse me, but do you need someone Professional to talk with???? Seriously!!!! Because your entire comment was off-the-wall & filled with anger, but THAT kind of rude statement would come from a person a few cans short of a six-pack!

    Also, Please take note of my name Pa—->Paranormal<—-Fan, Yes my favorite Genre is Paranormal, but I LOVE reading ANYTHING Erica writes! If she published Her Grocery List I'd buy it because I know she'd make it a Great Read! :)

    You see, that is why Baskin Robbins makes 31 Flavors, so there's a Flavor for EVERYONE!!!! If you don't like reading her Books, then WHY are you READING THEM???? Read Something ELSE!!!!!!!! Obviously you have read more than one book, your post states you have read "some". If I don't prefer something, I MOVE ON to another Flavor!!!!! You might want to take that suggestion instead of keeping in your Anger!

    Erica, I'm a Huge Fan of your writing, I admire your very talented Gift that you give back to ALL your Fans in your Books! I enjoy getting lost in the wonderfully sexy, romantic, not to mention HOT, erotic worlds you create for Us. An Ultimate Fantasy for their Fans in each book you write with your incredibly impressive, imaginative mind. You should be VERY Proud of Yourself……& I'll even do my Booty Dance for Ya LOL….(_/_)……..(_|_)……..(_\_)…….that always makes You Laugh! :) LOL

    OK Ladies, you can take back the Soapbox! LOL Take care Everyone & Wishing Everyone the Best Of Health,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

    .....I got sooooo caught up on my Soapbox, I had to post another comment because I forgot something LOL Now that's a Bleached Blonde Thang LOL....Here it is...

    LOL Erica I was on my Soapbox soooooo longggggg, you know me by now LOL that I wanted to tell you that I LOVED your Guest Post: “Why M/M Contemporary?”…..I totally agree with your Why M/M!!!! That is why why eReader is filled with all types of M/M Genres…..My 31 Flavors of M/M Genres Mmmmmm YUMMY!!!!! ;)

    1. O.O Wow, thanks ReneƩ. I was upset yesterday when I read the comment and wondered if I should write at all (I often get those thoughts when I get a negative review/comment), but then I remembered people like you who seem to like what I write and I promptly shook off those thoughts. I am writing for myself and the people who like my work after all, not those who dislike it (and there will always be people who'll dislike it - that's just how the world goes). Although I hope that people who've read one work by me and disliked it will give my other works a chance, I really do hope they'll (as you say) move on to something else if they don't like 2-3 of my works. I mean, it's just a waste of money for them otherwise and I'd hate to disappoint every time.

      Anyway, *hugs* and thanks for the booty dance ^.^ That did make me laugh.

      Now, excuse me, have to go post my grocery list ;)

    2. Hiya Erica :)

      Ohhh don't get a 4'11" Italian Woman upset LOL especially with someone's complete IGNORANCE!!! Ohhhhh I was fired Up! I couldn't NOT voice My was Funny because my Hubby walked in when I was replying & said to me, "You're talking to yourself, I'm just glad I'm not the one you’re taking THAT out on" ROFL :) So I told him about it & he agreed with me, but he told me, "Don't get used to it". LOL He's soooo funny! I mean REALLY, if there is an Author that you don't prefer after reading 1, 2, 3 Books...WHY KEEP READING THEM!!! I think the person Had NO CLUE what they were talking about & just needed something to complain about. You know, one of those type of people, they're not Happy unless they're Unhappy!

      There was an Author, I won't say the name because I just wouldn't do that, who write M/F Paranormal Books, always on the Top 10 Best Sellers List with every release...since I like Paranormal Books & I keep hearing their name everywhere, on Ads every time I signed onto B&N...I read fast, so I said, what the heck & decided to buy the first 6 print Books in the Series (before I had my eReader). I actually really liked the first 3 Books, but then it was torture to get through Books 4 & 5, but I finished them.

      I Really wanted to like this Author, since I did really enjoy the first 3 Books, so I started it, then stopped, started it again, stopped...My Hubby even told me to just stop trying, it's not going to happen. They were just sooooooooo slowwwwwwwww. I was talking to the Book, saying will something pleasssse happen. The main character was kicking paranormal butt in the first 3 books, then nothing. OMG it was torture, but I tried. He's an avid reader as well, a Police Officer for 31 years, so he likes Crime Fiction & Police Procedural Novels & he has also experienced he same thing with a Best Selling Author whose Books have even been turned into movies, but he just cannot get into their books.

      But neither of Us ever wrote anything negative about the Authors or their Books. Now the first 3 Books, I did rate them well because they were Good but with the others I just took the motto, "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all". I would never want to give an Author an unfavorable review or rating because they still put a lot of hard work into their writing, just because I couldn't click with them, they don't deserve rude, ignorant, bad reviews.

      Like a mentioned, that's why there's 31 Flavors.....& Mmmmmmmm I still LOVE my M/M Genres, they are my favorite!

      Now after reading my longgggg winded comment AGAIN LOL...Erica, Go Shake that Booty & post that Sexy Grocery List :) LOL

      Take Care Sweetie & BIG Cyber Hugs for Ya,