Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sound Familiar?

Homophobia isn't a huge problem in Iceland anymore. People were receiving death threats because of their sexuality 30 years ago. Some even had to flee the country, but no more. Sure, there's still some homophobia, but in general things are good and people generally strike against anyone who speaks badly about homosexuality in newspapers etc., so it doesn't happen very often. Icelandic homosexuals have the exact same rights as heterosexuals and cannot legally be discriminated against in workplaces or other venues. They may marry (even in churches), adopt children, and live their lives with all the same benefits as heterosexuals. This didn't happen all by itself. It's taken the Icelandic LGBT Organization 30 years to change the minds of people through campaigns and education. 

Icelanders are hard workers with the mentality that hard work makes you a "real" person. In fact, disabled people face a lot more prejudice than homosexuals. Disabled people in Iceland are considered weak and/or less. Leeches upon the society. It looks like the association for disabled people are trying to change that image. I heard an ad on the radio yesterday as I was driving to the city. It really caught my attention. Translated, it sounded something like this:

Prejudice prevents companies from hiring disabled people. Being disabled is neither a choice nor a lifestyle.

Sound familiar?



  1. That is really horrible. I don't understand how anybody can discriminate against someone about something they have no control over. Having two close family members with disabilities I do find this unbelievably heartless. I hate how society seems to abuse and keep down the more helpless members of society. God, people suck.

    1. Yeah, I'm currently unable to work due to depression and anxiety disorder. I have no idea how things will be once I'm back on my feet (given that I'll ever get there!). I guess I'll have to wait and see. You're absolutely right though, it's amazing how society tends to keep down its more helpless members.

    2. Depression is so difficult to live with. People just think "snap out of it". They equate it to days in a bad mood rather than a very real medical condition. I hope things get better for you.

    3. Thanks Jamie :)

      Yeah, it's like saying to a person who can't walk "Stop being lazy, just stand up and walk." I guess I can't blame them though, I had no idea what depression really entailed until it happened to me.