Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Polls are In!

Thanks to everyone who voted on my polls. Someone pointed out to me that should work on the manuscript that doesn't let me sleep at night, but the problem is that ALL the manuscripts are doing exactly that. It was overwhelming, so I was unable to do anything at all. That's why I decided to do a poll and it's been a very nice kick int he butt. 

Combined with the poll numbers from my Goodreads Group (feel free to join!), here's how things stand:

Black Hurricane: 18 votes (44%)
When the World Ended: 11 votes (27%)
And Then He Turned: 6 votes (15%)
Ghost in the Wind: 5 votes (12%)
Boston Boys Halloween: 1 votes (2%)

Your book wasn't the top one? Fret not! I've been working on Black Hurricane for the past three days and it's nearing completion! I'll start on the next project very soon ^.^

That said, I'm very happy to see such an interest in the post-apoc story. 

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