Monday, February 4, 2013

January 2012 Recap

I was going to post this in January, but it's February now! I'm officially one years old as an author. January 3rd was the official day of my one year - January 4th if we're talking about non-free fiction. In the monthly rundown, I'll be going over what happened in 2012 and linking to a few interesting posts from 2012.

January 2012:

I decided to gamble on a new publisher, No Boundaries Press, so they share my anniversary of one year. They kicked off by publishing a few free stories, including my In His Pocket, on January 3rd. In His Pocket has held the nr. 1 spot on the most downloaded titles on NBP since that day. 

The first ever non-free story published by NBP was Hot Hands, on January 4th. It has also been on their top 10 bestseller list since then and also became an ARe bestseller.

My first novel was released on January 13th through MLR Press, A Life Without You. It was well received, getting twelve 4+ reviews from book blogger sites (four of which were 5 stars), and became an ARe bestseller.

I spent rest of the month in revisions for my upcoming works, making beginner's mistake in marketing, and getting my m/m-only blog hop brainchild started. What an exciting month!

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