Friday, February 10, 2012

The Valentine's M/M Short-List

Hi guys :)

I'm taking part in Drea Becraft's Valentine's Day Blog Hop. It launches on the 11th of February. There are 263 blogs to visit for a chance at prizes. Out of those there are 33 M/M authors. I made a list of those to make things easier for people who only read M/M. Just click the names to go there :)

M/M Authors:

Erica Pike: An e-copy of my gay romances: A Life Without You, Hot Hands, A Grade-A-Sex-Deal.
Norma Nielson: Amazon GC
Zathyn Priest: eBook of The Curtis Reincarnation
K-Lee Klein: ebook copy of either Love & Patience or Theme of Hearts
Tara Lain: The winners choice of any Tara Lain book (two winners)
Tara Lain: A choice from my backlist and a $10 Starbucks card (She has two entries...I don‘t know if it was a mistake or not – go
Havan Fellows: 2 winners – choice of book from my backlist
Elizabeth Noble: [Unknown]
Belinda McBride: Winner’s choice of a book from my backlist
Kharisma Rayne: 2 backlist Ebooks of choice
Lily Sawyer: winner’s choice of one of my books
DC Juris: winner’s choice of 1 pdf from my backlist
S.J. Frost: Winner’s Choice of one title from my backlist in ebook
Anne Barwell: An ebook copy of my novel Shadowboxin
Rawiya: A choice of , Time to Make the Donuts or My Lieutenant or Something Fresh Served Hot
Lee Brazil: 6 ebooks
Keta Diablo: 2 PDFs of Crossroads
H.B. Pattskyn: A signed copy of Heart’s Home
Julie Lynn Hayes: Winner’s choice of backlist.
Shannon West: ebook copy of Georgia Heat
PD Singer: Choice of backlist story or  my new novel, The Rare Event, and a PD Singer keychain flashlight
West Thornhill: Copy of Transcend
Stephanie Danielson: Winner’s choice off backlist
L.M. Brown: ebook copy of the Gift of Love anthology.
Charlie Cochet:  Ebook of When Love Walked In, $10 Amazon GC, & a bookmark!
Gabrielle Evans: $50 Amazon GC
AJ Jarrett: $25 Gift Card to Amazon
Laura Harner: $15 ebook bucks from All Romance eBooks
Megan Slayer: $5 GC to Changeling Press
Sara York: $20 at Amazon
Jaxx Steele: T-shirt and Mugs
Jana Downs: First three books of the Ravyn Warriors series in .pdf format
Charlie Cochran: A goodie bag of very English toiletries

Pubs/Review sites/Blogs that are offering M/M books (or have m/m sections):

No Boundaries Press: 1 Book A month for 6 months & 3months
Breathless Press: 3 Winners – choice of book from our back list
Ren Thompson: $25 GC (GLBT blog)

Erica :)


  1. I'm taking part in the event as well...Looking forward to it..

    1. Yeah, I saw :) Now...when are you going to write m/m? ^.^ Come one, I must have sparked at least some interest *poke poke*

  2. Just read your " A Lift Without You it was great to short, but great read!

    1. Thank you Moochie! That's always so wonderful to hear ^.^

  3. Would love to add more of your books to my reading list.

    1. Thanks for that, Nancy :) My Valentines blog hop entry is up (dated on the 11th). You might be able to win one :)

  4. Well, Erica, I've read 2 but not the third so I'll go for wining that one. :)

    Randy Wiggins

    1. Great ^.^ Okay, I'll add the people who comment here into the pot too, hehe.

  5. Silver Publishing publish M/M too, and over half of their catalogue is M/M

    1. True :) But they're not taking part in Drea's Valentine's blog hop. This is a list of the ones that signed up.

  6. Hey Erica. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought about making a short list but with everything going on this weekend I didn't have time.


    1. I had a lot of time on my hands before the last hop (of Drea's), so I compiled a list. Because I did it then it went even faster now, so I think I'll be doing this every time to make it easier for the m/m lovers. We've gotta stick together, right? ^.^

      Anyway, your book sounds kick-ass. I'm adding it to my to-read list.

      Consider yourself entered in my giveaway ^.^


  7. You rock! Thanks for narrowing down the M/M authors!


  8. Thanx for sorting this out for us! You rock!

  9. Thanks for the list,it to have your book.

    1. Consider yourself entered, Cornelia :) Have a great V-day.

  10. Please enter me the contest.


  11. Please enter me in the contest

    1. Will do :) Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you had a great V-day.