Saturday, July 27, 2013

The College Fun and Gays Anthologies are out!

On All Romance eBooks, anyway ^.^ I uploaded them to Amazon last night and they should be up there today. 

These are two different anthologies with 3 stories in each. The word count is around 41,000 words in each. As explained before, I'm pricing them at $3.99, which means $1.99 a book for Anthology One (because Hot Hands is free), and $1.33 a book in Anthology Two. These will also be available in print sometime in August for $6.99 each (yes, I will bring some to GRL).

I've raised the prices of the individual books to $2.99 - HOWEVER, I'm in the process of uploading them to Smashwords (yes, I beat their meatgrinder!) and I've generated a coupon for the books that are currently up there. These coupons expire on August 15th 2013. Furthermore, I've put a discount on the books at ARe, so they cost $1.99 until August 15th.

Smashwords coupons:

Cold Hands: QX92Z
The Walls Have Ears: ZK64X
Little Stalker: VV83C
Welcome, Brother: AN82M
Grade-A-Sex Deal: EQ53B

(You can also see the coupons on the College Fun and Gays page under each title.)

The ARe purchase links for the anthologies are here: One and Two

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