Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Facts About NJ Nielsen

I'd like to introduce one of my favorite authors of gay romance: NJ Nielsen. Most of you probably already know this spunky little ball of energy. She has two amazing works out with loads more coming. I got to pick her brains for my blog, but instead of doing traditional interview questions I decided to go for fun-facts:

1) I was named after a race horse.

(EP: That explains so much!)

2) My hero is David Bowie - I still find the guy as interesting today as I did when I was a kid.

(EP: I had a thing for him in The Labyrinth - hey, maybe that's where I developed a thing for goths...)

3) My favourite book of all time is The Host by Stephanie Meyers, & I cry each time I read it.

(EP: One of my favourites as well)

4) I am the youngest child in my Family - I have an older brother and then three sisters older than him.

5) I draw (pencil sketches) and write twisted poetry - poetry note book is called: My book of Twisted Thoughts.

(EP: The beautiful picture is below the 10th fact. I still can't believe you can draw like that!)

6) My first pet was a dog called Andy Capp (Yes, named after the cartoon. I wanted to name him Dwayne after the guy down the road but my parents said no.)

7) I am terrified of spiders.

(EP: I refuse to post a picture of one *shudder*)

8) I love the Muppets - Gonzo & Rizzo are my favourites (Yes, I did just go and see the new movie - so worth it for Fozzie & his fart shoes.)

(EP: We're cool as long as it's not Beaker *double shudder*)

9) I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - I am a Raphael fan.

(EP: Hey! Now I know why you love Angsty-Adam so much!)

10) I collect Dragon's and Roosters. (Stop laughing I know they are at opposite ends of the scale.)

(EP: Mom collects chicken things. I still don't get it.)

Early sketch of Michael and Christian from
Rules Are Meant To Be Broken. Artist: NJ Nielsen

Thank you, NJ, for letting us get to know the lesser known-sides of you ^.^ 

NJ's very first published story came out as part of the Hot Summer Days and is called Shadows on the Heart. I highly recommend it. NJ's writing style is very unique and you never know what's going to happen next. I'm beginning to suspect it's an Aussie thing (it's the same with Zathyn Priest's books). 

NJ's first MLR Press release was published in December last year and bears the brilliant name Angels on Top. Hunting for Clay (the story following Angels on Top) will be out from MLR Press on Valentines, and she's working with MLR Press to get the first book in her wicket vampire series published, Lines of Marsden: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken.

But there's more! Or more coming. I've often called NJ a work-horse privately (now I have pockets full of ammo after her racehorse confession). The girl writes two blog stories and has her fingers in tons of other things. She's a master of series-creation with at least eight (yes, that's 8) different series in the works - one of which is in 18 parts (Lines of Marsden). Needless to say, I feel more than a little inadequate in her presence. I'd just die with all that going on in my head, lol. I do envy her the amazing titles she comes up with. If there's anything I struggle with it's titles.

Want more? Here's her blog ;)


  1. Thanks Erica for having me on your blog - but I hate to admit it that the pic at the top of the post you mentioned is not my work I drew the one at the bottom of the post.

  2. *Rolls eyes* I meant to change that. See? I'd die if I was working on so many things at the same time!

  3. and she's wicked crazy anal about finding small know first hand.....thanks Erica for sharing a little of the amazing NJ with us....soon everyone will know just how truly talented she is....

  4. @ Embry - hey I resemble that remark... LOl (I thought my craziness was a secret).

  5. NJ it is a pleasure to meet you..I will be sure to check out your work...