Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Battle Plan

I nearly managed to get everything out of the way before February. MLR edits for Absolutely Eric (Boston Boys #2) has been sent. As has a bunch of formality letters (via snail-mail) and I've sent a bunch of review requests. 

Leftover work from January: Little Stalker and Welcome Brother (CFaG #4 and 5) edits.

This leaves February open for two things: Writing and Hopping.

After using January to tackle my to-do list, I feel like I can finally breathe and that gets my creativity flowing.  I've been trying to choose between the stories I plan to write and have chosen Boston Boys #1.5. It's about Adam and Jesse when they go to see Jesse's mom and it'll be told from Jesse's PoV. For those who hated him after ALWY, perhaps you'll get to like him a little bit better after this (or at least understand him better). There will be Anne to keep the tension going and even someone from Adam's past. The story takes place in Jesse's little hometown (on the farm, to be specific) and yes, there will be some rolling around in hay. I can't promise it'll be devoid of drama - there's always drama around these two, but it'll be less than ALWY. 

I'm calling the book: Mom, I'm Gay.

M/M Only!
But there's more! Norma, K-lee and I are organizing a blog hop that'll take place on May 17th (International Day Against Homophobia). We're calling it Hop Against Homophobia and it's a m/m only hop. That means that the only prices are m/m related things (mostly books, I'm guessing). This also means that if you're an m/m lover, you won't have to swim through f/m blogs to find what you're looking for! More on this later :)

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