Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, people! 

I've had an eventful year - both in personal life and writing life. I wrote two full-length manuscripts and six short stories (one is a short free-bee, and I managed to get that damned fifth in the CFaG (O.o does that say "fag"?) series finished yesterday - on the very last day of the year, lol). All of these will be published in 2012, so one might say I'll be taking the year by a storm ^.^

I've met some wonderful people since I joined the m/m writer community. I felt welcome right away and I'm truly thankful to have met these new friends. They've given me more than a few laughs and loads of support.

I'm happy to be able to tackle all those other stories that have been nagging me for months, now that I'm starting the year with a clean schedule. The problem is...which one do I write first?? I guess I'll sit back and watch them battle it out.

So here's to a new year, filled with publication, more m/m reading, and fun times with friends!

Erica Pike

P.s. I may not have taken that photo, but I've been watching the northern lights all my life and although they're usually just green veils in the sky, I've seen wonderful pinks, purples, blue, and orange dance so vividly I'll never forget them.

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