Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FREE: In His Pocket

Guys! Christmas just came early...or late ^.^

In His Pocket is now available for FREE at No Boundaries Press. It's a short read, but funny (or meant to be).


When Patrick found fourteen year old Matt digging through his trash, he had no idea he was about to take in a foster son. Being a dad, however, was no easy task, especially since the kid managed to leave Patrick dumbfounded more than once as the years passed. 

Now, at eighteen, Matt presents Patrick with a problem on a whole new level - a problem Patrick may not be able to solve. Matt wants him as a lover. 

This little fast-paced story is not written to be taken seriously. Of course, my humour and the subject isn't to everyone's liking. It was written after I read a number of yaoi stories and wanted to switch things around in regard to the common Seme/Uke dynamic. 


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