Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hot Hands Out Now!

Goodness people! Hot Hands came out four days early at No Boundaries Press. I believe it will be available from other sellers on the 8th (not sure though). The price is $2.99.


For weeks, college student Casper has been the victim of sail-by goosing and groping. The problem is that Casper would very much like to get more than groped by those wonderful, big, hot hands. With a journal full of clues, he sets out to discover who his mystery groper is. However, he may be in serious trouble once he discovers the ominous identity, trouble that has nothing to do with the light bondage involved.

Hot Hands is the first of five in a series of short stories, called ‘College Fun and Gays’. Each story is independent of the others and each covers a deep issue. Hot Hands focuses on the effects of high school bullying for being gay.


  1. I was first in line - I stuffed up buyng it but NBP was awesome and helped me out LOL.

  2. You have bragging rights, Norma, for being the first person to buy my book once I get disgustingly famous :P