Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fun Facts About Erica Pike


I've been trying to come up with ideas about what to write on my blog. I couldn't come up with anything clever (my creativity took a hike for the day), so I decided to share some pretty pointless information about myself. I might even ask other authors for fun facts about themselves instead of doing author interviews.

I'm a Geek:

I love Chuck Norris facts. They're facts - not jokes.

I used to be a gamer...which could explain my love of Chuck Norris facts. I still have a weakness for games, but they suck away my writing time.

I've seen every episode of Stargate Atlantis (loooove it), and I'm a big fan of Firefly. You don't really have to be a geek to enjoy these two series. Just look at the picture to the right! They're oooozing sex and the humor is to die for.

You may have to be a geek to enjoy watching Star Trek Voyager...but come on, Tuvok's a total hottie - looks, personality and humor (or lack there of).

I'm a Good Girl - Bad Girl:

Most people who know me outside the internet would be shocked to know I write adult content, and if they read it they'd be even more shocked.

I've never tasted alcohol in my life. It has nothing to do with religious reasons or alcoholism in the family (there isn't any). I simply didn't start drinking and am not about to start now (try all you want at GRL 2012 - it's futile).

I've never smoked anything either.

I wanted to be a priest when I gew up. A priest!

I can also be a bad-ass. I own my very own pair of nunchucks and I have a black belt in Taekwondo. I'm a proud member of the World Taekwondo Federation (yes, that does spell 'WTF').

I'm an Animal:

When I scroll through lol-cat pictures I usually end up laughing so hard I cry.

I've only ever owned black pets: two black poodles, a black cat, and a black hamster. No, I did not own these pets at the same time - except the dogs.

I can't wear socks while I write, no matter how cold it is. Okay, this one has nothing to do with animals, except that some of my socks are made from wool. In fact, none of these indicate that I, myself, am an animal, but what the hey ;)


  1. Man that cracked me up - you are a funny fricken lady my friend... Awesome!!!

  2. Hehe, thanks Norma :) Nothing compared to you though.

  3. Erica I learned some new stuff about ya...You are funny..I agree with Norma's comment...

  4. I kinda refer to myself as dorky and silly :P

  5. Erica is very cool and I'm glad to know her.
    Matthew Darringer