Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghosts are Sexy Too!

I'm blogging at the Long and Short Reviews today about sexy ghosts. I'm going to post the same thing here and then you have a chance to win a copy of Hot Hands. What you have to do is leave a comment to THIS post along with your email address. I will draw, contact and announce a winner on November 3rd.

Are ghosts real? Yes they are. I've been fed the “stories” (which were never told as “stories” here in Iceland but facts) since I was a kid and I've had firsthand experience with ghosts. I've blogged about that on my own blog this Halloween, so head on over if you’re curious.

But are ghosts sexy? I didn't used to think so when I was younger. Surely they’d be ugly fiends with axes sticking out of their heads. Surely they’d be corporal monsters that can strangle you in your sleep. Right? Wrong. What I've come to realize is that ghosts look the same as they did when they were alive. Maybe in their prime, or maybe as they were when they died, but if there are sexy people in our world (and boy, are there ever!), ghosts can be sexy, too.

I’m currently publishing and writing contemporary m/m erotic romance. However, I've always been tempted to write ghost stories, and I’m sure it won’t be long before I do. What could be more romantic than lovers who are stuck in separate world, only able to see each other but not touch? What could be sexier than not being about to touch but only see? I don’t know how I would iron out an ending here, but there are many possibilities. The meat - the middle - could be so rich with the ghost’s different era, his joys, his dreams. How did he die? Did he have a lover back then? Can he have a living lover now? How do they have sex? This topic has probably been written about a thousand times, but that’s the beauty about crafting stories with a common theme: you get to create new characters with unique tales and personalities. To make the story highly erotic would be a challenge since there can’t be any touching, but it is a challenge worth taking.

Since this story is still in the prison of my mind, I cannot offer a ghost themed book for a giveaway. However, I will offer up a copy of Hot Hands, which is a story where Casper (not the ghost!) is being goosed and groped at school and wants to identify the guy he’s dubbed “Hot Hands”. Hot Hands, however, doesn't want to be seen, so Casper has to rely on his other senses: ears, taste, smell, and touch to get to know his groper. Kind of like the opposite of the ghost story.

Now, I will probably be at the GayRomLit Retreat in Albuquerque with a bunch of other m/m authors when this post goes live, so I hope you’ll forgive that I won’t reply to everyone.

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Before I post the excerpts, if you want a free story of mine you can download Half-Baked Promises from here.

So, happy Halloween and remember that ghosts can be sexy, too!


  1. I think ghost lovers can be sexy or sad depending on how it is done...Hot Hands is already on my wishlist so I would love to win! Thank you, chellebee66(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Ghost lovers can be very interesting. I would like Hot hands - adding to my list.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. I don't know if ghosts exist, but I believe it's possible. I think ghost lovers would be interesting but also sad. How could it end happily? So, I would read a story with ghosts if I knew it ended happily since I'm not a fan of sad endings.


    1. I also hate sad/bad endings. After writing this entry, I got an amazing idea for a story and have it all mapped out. Now I just need to write it (found a solution to the happy ending, even!).