Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gay Players: Sexual Liberty

One of Jessica's books. Isn't it gorgeous??

Hi guys :)

Sorry for having you over just to send you on to another site! I wrote a guest blog for Jessica Freely's blog: Friskbiskit where I'm talking about gay players and sexual liberty in fiction. As those who have read my books know, my guys have often been around the block and although I shouldn't have to defend it - because there's nothing wrong with it - I wanted to explain my view.

As some of you know, this dude's a major player
and enjoys sex very much!
He's also unapologetic about it. 


  1. So true. I loved that in Eric. To tell you the truth I am not a huge fan of gay erotica because it seems like in most books they try so hard to feminize one of the characters. I like that in the books of yours I've read you keep them both as guys. FYI, almost every gay couple I met started out as casual sex.

    1. Thanks Jaime :)

      Well, you should probably stay away from yaoi, because you won't find more feminized characters than the ukes (bottoms, who never top), hehe. That's the rule in yaoi rather than the exception.

  2. So true. But I kinda know what I'm getting into with Yaoi. Perhaps because of the cultural differences that does not annoy me as much. Or maybe, like I say, because the expectation was there.